Cape Town thunderstorm: Amazing photos

In the early hours of yesterday morning, a thunderstorm snap-crackle-and-popped all over Cape Town. Ever so often, the radio crackled and sizzled softly, just as a flash of lightning lit up the room so brightly that I could glimpse it through my closed eyelids. Moments later, a roll of thunder rumbled between the clouds, sounding like the bass note of a Harley Davidson.

By all accounts, it was a pretty awesome thunderstorm. They aren’t all that common in Cape Town, though they’re pretty much an everyday occurence further north, where the locals have become a bit blasé about them.

Personally, I prefer to stay indoors and under the blankets when there’s thunder and lightning around. Our area has a high percentage of old – and thus very tall, and sometimes rather unstable – trees, and I have visions of one nearby being struck by lightning and dramatically exploding.

So that’s why I didn’t rush out with my camera, tripod and rain jacket to see if I could capture this display of nature’s wrath on film.

But some other courageous and technically skilled Capetonian photographers had no qualms about venturing outside, and that’s why we now have these extraordinary pictures:

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