Sadly, it’s spam

I just picked up a comment on my blog from some site to do with bad hair days. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it went something like this:

“Hi, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for information on hair care, and found your blog. It’s really well written and you’ve given me some good ideas on what to do. Please carry on writing!”

What a friendly and perceptive comment, I thought to myself. Isn’t it nice to be validated sometimes? To have a complete stranger reach out, give one a pat on the back and say, “Hey, well done, keep at it.” It’s really quite self-affirming.

But then I did a double-take.

I have never ever written anything about hair care or bad hair days or anything like that. Well, apart from the two posts on the CANSA shavathon (before and after), which weren’t so much about hair care, but about the removal of hair. But she wasn’t commenting on either of those.

So that’s when I realised it was spam.


Click [Delete].

7 thoughts on “Sadly, it’s spam

  1. I agree. SNEAKY!

    I just wonder what they stand to gain from me accepting and publishing their comment on my blog – just a backlink to their blog? How does that further their ’cause’ or whatever it is that motivates them?

  2. I get a lot of those. Any time I see “informative” as in, “I find your blog informative” I reach for the spam button.

    The reason they do this is to get the url of their junk sites to appear across the web. The more 3rd party sites they appear on the higher Google will list them in search results. It is one of the measures Google uses to decide which are the best search results.

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