Noorjehan: The mystery continues

Last week Tuesday, I posted about the brutal murder of an ex-colleague of mine, Noorjehan. I’ve been keeping an eye on the newspapers, and regularly searching the internet in the vain hope that more information had surfaced in the meantime.

After the two initial articles I mentioned (Mom’s body found in bushes and Ma van tweeling se lyk in bosse gekry, which were identical), there was only one further article, titled Raaisel verdiep oor lyk in bosse (Mystery deepens around body in bushes).

In said article, the police explained the circumstances in which the body had been found. The article also said, bewilderingly, that World Travel, the company for which Noorjehan had apparently been working, had no record of her in their employ:

“Op navrae aan World Travel se hoofkantoor in Johannesburg het me. Tumi Nkomazana van die personeelafdeling gesê daar het nog nooit so ’n mens by hulle gewerk nie, ook nie by hul kantore in Century City, die stad of in Parow nie.”

(In English: Ms Tumi Nkomazana in the HR department at the World Travel head office in Johannesburg said that no such person had ever worked for them, not at their offices in Century City, not in the CBD, nor in Parow.”)

Another mystery?

The police had apparently identified the man who had picked up Noorjehan from her work in Parow as a Mr Jacobs, who had (again, apparently) met Noorjehan at a funeral a week earlier. They had tried to speak to him, but hadn’t been able to locate him.

A very brief summary also appeared on the Legal Brief website, but you have to subscribe to the Cape Times to read the rest of the article. The only new bits of information it mentions is that Noorjehan had been arrested on 23 March 2009 on fraud charges, that she was out on bail and that her case had been set down in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court in May. I wonder what will happen to that court case, now that she is dead?

“The body of a Goodwood woman who was facing charges related to fraud has been found in bushes at Zeekoevlei, Cape Town. Police spokesperson November Filander said Noorjehan Abbass (40) was reportedly seen leaving work with a man last Thursday and her family reported her missing the following day. Police are investigating a case of murder, Filander said, but there had been no arrests. Abbass was arrested on 23 March on fraud charges. She was out on R20 000 bail and was due back in Cape Town Magistrate’s Court next month.”
– Cape Times (subscription needed)

Since then, nothing.

No other newspapers had expanded on the story, and no one had blogged about it. I don’t know why that affected me so much, but it did. A woman was murdered – brutally so (the police said that she had been stabbed, and that her naked body had just been tossed in the bushes like a piece of garbage, which I find terribly distressing and sickening). And nobody is talking or writing about it? In this day and age, when everyone twitters and tweets and blogs about everything from the most mundane and banal aspects of their lives to the most earth-shattering global events?

Is this going to be just one more of the many thousands of unsolved cases that disappear out of the public eye and the attention of the media?

I don’t understand.

A moment ago, however, I came across a short article in the TygerBurger, penned by Louisa Steyl, under the title “Body mystery grows”. I’ll quote some of it here:

“The death of a Goodwood woman is shrouded in mystery, after her body was found in Zeekoevlei last week Tuesday (12 May).

It was previously reported that Ms Noorjehan Abbass (40) was seen leaving work with a man in a white Volkswagen Golf before she went missing, but Grassy Park police say nobody actually saw this happen, and that she simply told her colleagues that she would be leaving with “a man”.” …

“The police are also asking the community to help them find Mr Fareez Jacobs, who might have information that could help with the investigation.

Leibowitz confirmed that police officers have visited the house where Jacobs lives, in Grassy Park, but Jacobs was not there.”

I suppose it’s unrealistic of me to want the case to be solved in merely a week, but I do. Perhaps it’s because that’s how it (usually) happens in books, in the movies and on the television? I’m sure her family and her friends are longing even more for closure and to know, finally, what really happened.

And quite apart from that, it is not a happy thought to know that her murderer is still out there.

6 thoughts on “Noorjehan: The mystery continues

  1. I too wonder why so little is often said or written of the most important matters. Do people think it’s best left to ‘the professionals’ to discuss? I think it’s a form of denial. If they don’t talk about it, then they can carry on like it never happened.

  2. Hi there
    I am Louisa Steyl, the journalist who wrote the article you referred to.
    I am not sure if you read any of the other articles I wrote on the case, but while I was working in the area I tried to find out as much as possible.
    I ended up uncovering information that the police were not aware of, but sadly, that is as far as I got.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for this blog and all who have contributed.

      Noorjehan was a good human being,she made mistakes and she paid the price. As a human being she tried helping everyone, SHAME we didn’t appreciate her while she was with us.

      The murderer was caught by the investigating officers and subsequently ‘let go’ and all evidence has since been lost,apparently.
      Evidence of her cell phone,bag,hair,keys all found in his car,this is how stupid,inefficient these law officials, he was brought to grassy park jail.

      Fareez Jacobs is definitely the perpetrator and might have had accomplice.

      This is justice in South Africa where anyone can be murdered and nothing gets done.

      Twins who have lost their mother on mothers day these people have no spine,no compassion, where money means more than the value of life.

      Police spokespersons mention these kind of cases when they occur, why is there no follow up,how can regional ‘leading’ policeman report on these cases and don’t do the follow up and leave takky, corrupted officers in crime invested areas like grassy park conduct the cases.

      There’s more to this case……..the children will want answers one day, we will be responsible,did we do enough for people like Noorjehan Abbass and others.

      No justice one year later on mothers day!

      • Hello ‘Concerned’ – thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Normally, I am not in favour of publishing anonymous comments (and your email address is obviously invalid), but in the circumstances, and given the lack of public information about this case, I am making an exception. Apart from that, I agree with you wholeheartedly – Noorjehan was a good person, and a loving mother, and her family, her friends, and above all her little boys need closure.

        The fact that this case has not been solved – or at least, that nothing has appeared on the internet or in local newspapers, as far as I have been able to find out – an entire year after her death, is seriously troubling.

        Your claims, that the police had in fact caught the man responsible, that all evidence has “since been lost” (!! good grief, how is that even possible?!) and that he has been released, are even more disturbing. How do you know all this? Do you have any copies of articles that you could send me? Please?

  3. Noorjehan was a beautiful human being with a beautiful soul …. a dedicated loving Mother, Daughter, Sister and friend.

    For most of her life Noorjehan worked hard in order to contribute to her family’s well-being. She felt good doing it too. I believe that people as good as Noorjehan are rare to find in this world – she is truly an angel.

    Whomever took her life needs to be found and held responsible. I believe that this cruel act on the guilty party’s hands has been one that caused many people that loves & cares for Noorjehan an enormous amount of pain …. it is only fair that her loved ones should receive some closure by putting the guilty party behind bars.

    Even if it will not bring Noorjehan back to this world … it will prevent these animals from repeating such brutality – GOD-WILLING.

    Please SA Police ………. show these criminals that they cannot get away with injustice and cruelty. Find whoever did this and put them away!

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