Millstone Farm Stall and Oude Molen Eco-Village

After reading Pia’s recent post (April 2009), titled “Organic food gardens, micro-enterprises and a ’survival garden’: A visit to Oude Molen Eco Village in Pinelands”, on her very informative Mother City Living website, I did a search on my own blog to see how often I’d written about this place myself.

And now that I know that the survival of the Millstone Farm Stall and many of the other micro-industries there may well depend on getting more regular visitors, I will make a point of telling even more people about it.

… Because losing this precious oasis of rural life that is literally in the middle of a big, sprawling metropolis, would be just too horrible to contemplate.

View of Devils Peak with heavy clouds

View of Devil's Peak with heavy clouds

For more photos, go to this Picasa photo album.

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