Foggy, foggy night…

The day began with a heavy blanket of cloud across the Cape Peninsula. Even our plane tree was shivering in the cold and damp, its autumn-coloured leaves scattering droplets down on me when I went outside.

At midday, quite miraculously, the clouds vanished – all except a few cauliflower-shaped clusters along what I could see of the eastern horizon, and a big grey lump hanging over Devil’s Peak. I wouldn’t call the sun warm, exactly, but it did manage to dry some washing on the line, which was a nice bonus.

The next time I got up from my computer and ventured outside, a thick bank of fog was rolling in.


But it did look kinda pretty, so I hauled out my tripod, hooked up the camera, and fiddled with the aperture, shutter speed and exposure settings (trying to remember what Ian had taught us at the Digital Photography Course).

Looking towards the West

Looking towards the West

Okay, I know, they ain’t exactly award-winning shots, but it was fun playing around with the camera.

Looking towards the East

Looking towards the East

And Tuffy-Cat was delirious with delight that I was actually OUTSIDE at NIGHT – and in the STREET WITH HER! Venturing beyond her normal safety-boundaries, she happily scampered hither and thither, investigating the traffic island with much curiosity, and racing back to me for safety and moral support, whenever she sensed danger approaching.

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