Almost a wipe-out

We went for a brisk walk around our neighbourhood in the late afternoon. It was my favourite time of day: the sun was already low in the sky, and colouring the clouds with soothing swathes of gold and invigorating splashes of pink, with areas of pale blue merging gently into darker blues. The trees all had a golden hue too, and the green leaves looked vibrant and alive.

It was very peaceful to stroll through the leafy streets of Pinelands.

So the last thing I expected was to – almost – get wiped out by a driver who’d clearly left his marbles on a high shelf in his cupboard this morning.

We were approaching a four-way stop (St Stephen’s Road and Ridge Way) – which (tip to the local traffic cops) most locals treat as a four-way yield, and at which only learner drivers with instructors in the car ever come to a full stop. Fortunately, there are no visibility problems because of bulky houses or bushy trees or anything, or there’d be loads more collisions here.

We were leisurely chatting with each other, when we noticed a yellow-beige car approaching the intersection along St Stephen’s Road from the Forest Drive direction at high speed (somewhere between 80 and 100 kph, I’d guess). Richard stepped into the road to cross, and I duly followed him, under the impression that Mr Moronic Driver would stop, as legally required.

Instead, the bastard floored the accelerator and came barrelling straight at us!

I heard the roar of the engine and paused for a split-second, horrified, in the middle of the road, and saw the car heading straight for me.

I literally leapt into the air and towards the opposite kerb, as the car roared past so close that I could feel the rush of air.

Hubby, with a disturbing miscoordination between brain synapses and muscles gave the insane man a thumbs-up, to which said twit responded (according to hubby) with a cheerful smile.

I, on the other hand, had no trouble flashing the CORRECT finger and uttering a few unmentionables. … And then spent the rest of the walk home shaking internally like a leaf, wishing with all my being that I had the skills of Harry Potter.

2 thoughts on “Almost a wipe-out

  1. Regg, I was upset just reading about this incident! I want to have a portable vaporizaion ray. I am glad you are okay, I am at the Office waiting for a emergency…just love to check in….Take care! BOBZ Oh did you listen to Happy Station yet? Smiles and hugs across the miles…BOBZ

  2. Hi Bobz – thank you!

    I’d been thinking more along the lines of ‘Impedimenta’ or ‘Petrificus Totalis’ to stop the car in its tracks… or ‘Levicorpus’ to hang him up in the air by one ankle – or a tyre, … or even ‘Reducto’ to blow his car up….

    But I guess that ‘Protego’ (for self-protection) is probably the only one that should be used… actually if I can figure that one out permanently, it would be so comforting.

    Though a vaporization ray-gun sounds good too!

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