I’ve got my books!

Today was an exciting day.

Today was the day I collected 50 shiny new copies of my very first REAL book, Gold Mines, Elephants and Foefie Slides*: An adventurous Weekend on the Garden Route, from the printers – appropriately named The Printing Press – in Little Mowbray this afternoon.

They came out beautifully. Look:

My books - waiting to be read!

My books - waiting to be read!

I think that Paula of Paula Wood Design did a superlative job with the cover. I couldn’t give her that much to work with, because, at the time of our holiday in Knysna, I hadn’t deliberately focused on taking photographs that could be used for a book cover. Lesson learned!

These are the front and back covers:

Front and back covers

Front and back covers

The blurb on the back – in case you can’t read it so clearly – says:

“In May 2008, we spent a weekend on the Garden Route. We stayed in an adorable timber cabin in the forests of Rheenendal, flew through the canopy of the Tsitsikamma forest on a foefie slide, walked trunk-in-hand with magnificent elephants at The Crags, and hiked around some of the abandoned gold mines at Millwood. And there is so much more to explore and experience in this extraordinarily beautiful region of South Africa!”

And, as you can see if you look realllllly closely, my book even has a spine!

Initially, I’d been told that it would be practically impossible to print any text on a spine that was less than 5mm thick.

I became obstinate, Paula the designer persevered and played with font sizes, Shane at the printers did his best, and thus – much to my delight! – the title can now be read on the spine! Yayyy!

It’ll look so much nicer on the shelf, don’tcha think?

Now the next step will be to get them out there into the world!


* By the way, in case you have no idea what a foefie slide is, it is a South African English word that refers to a flying fox, a zipline or a zip slide. The more primitive rough-and-tumble version of childhood involves a long strong rope or steel cable between two trees far apart, with one being higher than another. Sometimes, it crosses a river or a rockpool. Another bit of rope or something you can grip onto is slung over the cable, and then you launch yourself into the air, holding tight, and slide down at rapid speed. The far safer commercial version involves a pair of steel cables (the spare is for additional safety), a harness, and a pulley onto which you and your harness are clipped, so that you can’t fall off. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s a great adrenalin rush!

9 thoughts on “I’ve got my books!

  1. Please ship one out to my brother in Northern Ontario ASAP. Hopefully it will reach him before he leaves for SA. If he has any time free during his work contract in your neck of the woods, I’d like for him to make the most of it.

    I’ll send you his address by email. Let me know how we can arrange payment πŸ™‚

  2. Brava Reggie! You’ve achieved what most people never even contemplate. Please reserve a copy for me, which I’m only sorry I didn’t have last week when I was in the same area, talking to tame wild cats and jumping off bridges…. when will I ever grow up!

  3. Hi Gavin

    thank you for the kind encouragement. There is definitely a copy with your name on/in it. πŸ˜‰

    And well, you could always go for ANOTHER trip along the Garden Route? There is, quite honestly, so much to do and see and experience there, that I am already making a list for our *next* visit.

    I do intend to write another book, though, about last week’s trip to the area around Knysna.

    So you may want to wait for the second one to be published so that you can take both of them with you as inspiration.

    I’ll keep you posted!

  4. REggie, WOW Major wonder of wonderment on the book! It has arrived today! I am sending you praise and cash1 And oh what a joy to read! And HAppy Station has been re-born go to radio4 all and look it up. I am sending some e-mail and et cetera onto the station. From Radio Miami Int’t and such…so much fun to say smiles across the miles again! WOW Regg what a book and please don’t be too hard on yourself write as you can! GREAT material! LOVE AND JOY!

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