Postal woes….

“Thank you for your patience,
currently all our agents are busy.”

Repeat that mantra about 100 times, and you can imagine that I am perilously close to exploding.

And WHY, you may well ask, am I wasting my time with this?

Because of UCT’s idiotic bureaucracy.


A non-UCT individual needs to be reimbursed from one of our funds.

In order for UCT to even consider processing the reimbursement, said individual has to send us all his banking details, including SWIFT code, bank’s physical and postal address, their phone and fax number, and a whole lot of other bumf, together with all his contact details etc.

Now, despite having all these details, UCT does not deposit the cheque directly into the banking account.

UCT does not even contact said person to say the cheque has been issued, and would he like to collect it. (Why the f… else would they need all his contact details?!)

UCT does not even contact me, who submitted the form, to give me the option of fetching it on his behalf, so that I can trudge off to the bank to deposit it in his account.

Instead, they post the cheque to the individual. Despite knowing that the Post Office is notoriously and infamously unreliable, incompetent and corrupt.

THANK GOD, they sent it by registered mail (although, as I’ve learned the hard way, this is no guarantee that the item will ever arrive at its legitimate destination).

Which is why I now have the tracking number.


So far it’s been 30 mins.

I wonder how much longer I will hold out before someone has to call the men in white coats…

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