Sam and Bob: Koalas rescued from the wildfire

These pictures of two koalas (Sam and Bob), rescued from the devastating wildfires in South Australia, have really made me cry…

Thirsty Sam, the Koala

Thirsty Sam, the Koala

It’s bad enough that hundreds of people have been killed – burnt to death in their cars as they were trying desperately to flee from the inferno, or overcome by a wall of flames in their homes – and that thousands have lost every single thing they had, including their homes and their land.

But seeing the suffering of innocent animals… I find that just even more heartbreaking. Looking at that top photo, with the koala trustingly putting her paw in her saviour’s hand and thirstily gulping down the water… Ahhhh…

How can human beings be so cruel….

Bob comforting Sam

Bob comforting Sam

If they catch the arsonists responsible, my first instinct is to say that they should be burnt at the stake.

They are unredeemably sick people on whom expensive years of therapy and rehabilitation or even imprisonment (all at taxpayers’ expense, of course) would be wasted. At least such a barbaric and primitive punishment would be more likely to deter any more *($%)(* idiots who think it’s cool to deliberately start such fires!

Alternatively, and probably the more compassionate approach, their prison sentence should include at least a couple of solid years of community service in the serious burn units of local hospitals all around Australia.

More pictures can be found here.

And more about Sam and Bob here:

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