We rescued a butterfly

It had been such a warm day, despite the blustery wind, that I decided to brave the swimming pool.

Eeeek!! It was COLD!

I slowly hopped my way into the deeper end, trying to adjust to the cold in quick surges. Tuffy-Cat suddenly leapt out of the bushes, where she’d been hiding and snoozling. She trotted over the freshly mown lawn and came right to the edge of the pool to rub her face against mine.


Even though I promptly started to sniffle with hayfever, I really appreciated her display of affection. She likes to keep a protective eye on me when I’m in the pool. At least that’s what I tell myself.

I circled the pool, scooping out the clusters of leaves and pine needles, which the strong winds had blown into the water. Suddenly, I noticed that there was a butterfly in the water, clinging desperately onto a bundle of pine needles. I cautiously scooped up the bundle together with the butterfly and placed it on the sun-warmed paving at the edge of the pool.

I cupped my hands around the butterfly to protect it from the buffeting wind, while also trying to make sure that I didn’t block out the sun, which it needed to dry its wings. These were firmly stuck together. The poor creature was completely immobile, and I feared that it might be dead.

So I stood with my hands around it, giving it Reiki and visualising its wings dry and undamaged, so that it could fly again.Suddenly, its wings fluttered just a little bit, and it hopped straight onto my forefinger! I could feel its tiny legs sticking onto my finger, and saw its antennas bending down to touch my skin, and its proboscis unfurling and curling up again. There was a yellow bit right in the front near the proboscis – I have no idea what that is.

Tuffy came over, curious, as she often is when I use Reiki, and rubbed herself against my face and my hands. She lay down right next to me, waiting patiently to see what would happen.

As I was getting rather cold, I carefully climbed out of the pool, still protectively cradling the butterfly on my finger, and went to kneel next to a bunch of colourful pansies growing in the sunshine. I thought they might cheer it up or encourage it to fly over. Tuffy came to lie down right next to me, purring contentedly.

We stayed perfectly still for what seemed like 10 mins, while the sun baked down on us…. The butterfly started to twitch its wings… gradually unsticking the top ones from the lower ones…. fluttering a bit more vigorously….

And then, with a big leap of faith, it flew up and up into the big shady tree.

We had done good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “We rescued a butterfly

  1. i can’t even imagine a butterfly at this point in the winter. (though i realize it is not winter where you are.) it was -8 F this morning when i walked the dogs. i got cold even with long johns, fur hat, polarfleece gloves.

    i share your deep interest in ireland. i think we are going back again this may.

    thanks for stopping by! you have a lovely lovely blog.

    • Hi Laurie

      -8 F sounds positively (er… negatively?) Antarctic! I just had to find a converter online, as we are a metric nation and I’ve never twigged onto the Fahrenheit scale.

      -22° C?????



      Now that has just confirmed to me that Americans are a lot tougher than the rest of us.

      I should add that I have never seen snow close-up or experienced a snow fall. Ice in the freezer or the ice-rink is as close as it’s gotten for me.

      When we do get snow in the Western Cape, where I live, it’s only up in the higher mountains and during the depths of our winter (June/July/August). Because it’s so rare, though, it invariably causes a mass invasion from thousands of curious city folk who then cause impenetrable traffic jams on narrow mountain passes not designed for such traffic volumes. And then they foul up all the nice clean snow on the roadside with their 4x4s trying to do a u-turn.

      So, unless I’m going to be in Europe or America during a snowfall (if ya could tweak the exchange rate in my favour for a change, that’d be soooo nice 😉 ), I don’t anticpate seeing snow anytime soon.

      On the Ireland side – I read all your posts from Irish rain to Ah well then, on to Blarney, and loved them! I hope that you will blog about your trip to Ireland in May, because it is bound to be very entertaining!

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