A film shoot in our road

This morning, on my way to work, I couldn’t take my customary route down my road and around the traffic circle at the end, because there were huge trucks parked on the grass verge, dozens of cars jam-packed along the side of the road, and long black cables snaking around everywhere.

People were milling about, carrying – oddly – plants! Big bushes, small bushes, squares of lawn, lots and lots of them, and dozens of colourful flowers…


I dodged down one of the side roads and entered the traffic circle from another angle. The traffic cops, who were lounging around under the trees, arms folded and chuckling among each other, had dotted those little orange gnome-hats (what do you call them? you know what I mean? is it traffic cones?) all around the circle, so you could still kind of get around it, but had to be careful not to knock any of them over.

It seemed to be a film shoot. Very exciting! In our road! I so wish I had my camera with me! But, alas, Richard took it along on a business trip to Amsterdam… talk about bad timing! 😦 Five days without taking any photos… how ever will I LIVE? πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately, I had no time to dilly-dally about. Work was calling!

By the time I finally extricated myself from the office, far later than I would have liked, I’d forgotten about the filming, and came cruising down one of the five roads leading to the traffic circle. I arrived smack-bang in the middle of organised chaos. Luckily, I think they were just setting something up, and no one yelled at me, so I inched my way around the circle and out into my road… dodging people scurrying hither and thither with plants again.


After I had safely made it through the obstacle course, waving cheerfully and apologetically at everyone who had to duck out of my way, I parked my car in the garage, put on my walking shoes, and headed back out again.

I couldn’t get down the road, though, because the verges seemed to be blocked with trucks, so I went to the shops first…. Or, more accurately, to the DVD store, where I picked up one of the brandnew movies just released (“Taken”, starring Liam Neeson). On my way back home, I stopped at the traffic circle, and this time stood watching for a while.

Nothing concrete seemed to be happening though… people were talking among each other, someone was waving and shouting, a man and a woman strolled over to the central island of the traffic circle, in the middle of which stood a strange circular contraption, wrapped in plastic. They proceeded to rip off the plastic…

Clearly, I had no idea what was going on…

All I know is that there were a couple of signs in the neighbourhood saying “Egg Productions”. But whether they’re shooting a commercial or a scene in a movie, I have no idea. I’m just fairly sure that they aren’t filming chickens laying eggs.

Then, not wanting to be chowed out for accidentally being in the shot, I dodged around and between the piles of equipment, and took myself home.

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