Mr T was in Pinelands

Remember the post I wrote about the Snickers commercial being shot in Pinelands at the end of January?

Well, in our local neighbourhood newspaper, the Tatler, of 29 January 2009, I found this article, which I’ve scanned in. It appears that Mr T himself (BA Baracus from the unforgettable A-Team) was the star of the shoot:

“The ad is one of a series in which the butch BA whips woosie characters into shape by firing Snickers bars at them. The first in the series shows BA chasing a speed walker in an armoured track and can be seen on You-Tube.”

Here’s the link to that one: speed walker. And here’s the link to another Snickers ad, where Mr T chows out a complaining soccer player.

“The ad being filmed in Pinelands shows BA firing Snickers bars at a swimmer from a helicopter. BA spots the swimmer on one of his monitors, as the skinny guy dips his toe into the pool, cringes and limps back to the deck chair. BA then jumps into a Huey helicopter, flies over the roof of the house and shouts some of his trademark one-liners.”

Here’s the rest of the article! Click on it to see the text properly.

Article in the Tatler

Article in the Tatler

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