Mowing the lawn… the hard way

Actually, is there ever an easy way to mow the lawn?

This morning, after days of watching Tuffy-Cat warily tiptoeing across the lawn in our backyard, trying to avoid having her tummy tickled by the tall grasses, I decided that enough was enough, and that it needed mowing. Now! Before we’d be playing hide-and-seek with our cat in the meadow, which our lawn was rapidly turning into.

Tuffy hidden in the grass

Tuffy hidden in the grass

Richard graciously agreed to help me, and so we set to work with a pair of hedge clippers (you know, those long ones) and a lawn mower. While I started pushing the lawn mower backwards and forwards through the tall grass, Richard was on his knees with the hedge clippers, snipping away along the edges, where the mower couldn’t go.

Fortunately, most of the backyard was still in shade, because we got seriously hot and bothered within a very short time.

I was struggling to push the mower through the grass. The grass kept bending over and lying flat when I went forward, and then bending over and lying flat the other way when I went backwards. I guess the blades might be a little blunt too.

Within 15 minutes I had a blister forming on my thumb, while Richard’s arms were aching from the clippers. We traded places, and persevered for another 15 minutes, before trading places again.

The lawnmower

The lawnmower

We’d bought our little mower when we moved into the house in 2004, having decided that it would be more environmentally friendly to get a manual one rather than an electric or diesel-driven one that would pollute the air.

After almost two hours, the lawn was mowed… well… as much as we were going to mow it today. With the last ounces of our strength, we raked together the clippings and dumped them on the compost heap, and then retreated into the coolness of the house for a cold drink.

I promise, the grass IS actually shorter than it was before

I promise, the grass IS actually shorter than it was before

Note to self (and hubby): Next time we’re at Builders Warehouse, we’re going to investigate those whirligig weed-eaters.

3 thoughts on “Mowing the lawn… the hard way

  1. I had a push mower for a few years. You can’t wait too long between mowings. In the Spring time when the grass grew fast I would have had to cut the lawn twice a week (at least) in order to get through it with reasonable effort.

    I’ve slowly been elminating lawn area from my yard so that there is less to mow. Native plants and bushes usually require less effort to maintain. Taller trees also provide some shade which is a bonus.

    Good luck with the mowing.

    • Hi Amy-Lynn, good to hear from you again.

      TWICE a WEEK??? Are you kidding me?! Sheesh… We have barely enough time (and energy) to tackle it once a MONTH. We have one long grass verge outside next to the pavement, a lawn in the front yard, and one in the back yard. None of them is really big, but the edges are really fiddly. If I had to do that twice a week…. I’d have to quit working and go to weekly physiotherapy sessions. 😉 I’m kidding.

      Eliminating more of the lawn area is a good idea… Will give that a bit more thought.

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