Our best radish crop

In November last year, you may remember that I wrote about our veggie garden (here and here).

The only veggie out of all the stuff we seeded that has survived the birds, cats, hot weather and other vagaries of garden life, were our radishes.

Thus, on the 1st of January 2009, we harvested two handfuls of these beautiful specimen:

Our radish crop

Our radish crop

They went straight into a big bowl of salad, and were absolutely superlative!

3 thoughts on “Our best radish crop

  1. Oh! So do I!

    In fact, my favourite companions to radish are a ripe avocado pear and a crumble of feta cheese on a freshly baked loaf of wholegrain bread.


    Oh great,… now I’m hungry… And there are no ripe avocados in my larder.

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