9 thoughts on “Where cats can sleep

    • Hi Alison
      Yes, I had a bit of fun with the captions. I got your email about your op – we hope and pray that it will be painless and 100% successful, so that you’ll be trotting around the beautiful countryside in no time at all. We’re thinking of you and sending you lots of happy and healthy vibes.

  1. Great pictures!
    We have, no. . . correct that . . . we are allowed to share this house with – 6 cats and 2 dogs.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures with the rest of us.

    Birmingham, AL

    (Very nice website – I’m already shirking paperwork – downloading images of cats! – but I’ll be back another time.

    • Hi Peter, you’re welcome. πŸ™‚ I wish I’d taken the photos, but I did make up the captions.

      6 cats and 2 dogs in one household sounds hectic! How on earth do you manage? Are there skirmishes between them? Do you let them sort each other out? Do they compete for space on the bed/the sofa/anyone’s lap? How do you keep things under control at feeding time?

      Wow… the mere thought of sharing a house with so many animals is making my head spin.

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