Focaccio cravings…

Our friendly neighbourhood Ristorante Italiano, Magica Roma, at the Central Square in Pinelands has been closed for the festive season since Christmas.  If I remember rightly, they are opening again next week.

This is just as well, as we have been experiencing some serious withdrawal symptoms!

… and increasingly desperate cravings for their plain and simple, but OH-so-delicious Herb focaccios, which are baked in a wood-fired oven to give them that special flavour. This is the only item we buy from them on a fairly regular basis (about once a week to once every 10 days), despite its inflated price (which will probably go up again when they re-open).

When we walk into their restaurant in the early evening to place a take-away order, the girls at the reception greet hubby by first name and with a big friendly smile, asking “The usual?”

(And that’s despite the fact that it’s usually my credit card that pays for it. … Hmmm….)

After we’ve placed our order, we pick up a DVD from the adjacent DVD store and then hare it home, so that I have enough time to throw together either a superlative Greek salad or to chop up a butternut and an onion and grill it in the oven.

Add a bit of feta cheese, and some fresh herbs (rocket, water cress, thyme, savoury, rosemary, sage), preferably from the garden, and you have a divine meal. Filling, yet healthy.

Meanwhile, hubby drives back to the restaurant to fetch the focaccio, while I setup the laptop and the DVD.

And that has become our favourite treat.

I can hardly wait until they re-open!!!

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