2 thoughts on “Awww…

  1. Awwwww! That looks awfully familiar. I used to keep rats. Then I got a kitten. My then current rat and the kitten had a little battle for dominance (it basically went “DUDE I was here FIRST, you got that?” and kitteh said “…ok!”) and then ended up snuggling together in my lap. Not that they were ever friends. They just realised that if they both wanted the lap, well…

  2. Hi Scroobious!

    Happy New’Un!

    I saw on your sprog-blog that you are looking lusciously well-formed and absolutely radiant. You are really photogenic! The sproglet will be very proud of its Momma.

    I hope you’ll have time and energy to keep updating your blog until B[irth]-Day!

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