6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Flutter-Wings

  1. I agree, it completely sucks.

    What makes me feel even worse is that we spoke with our neighbour, who also had a nest made by a pair of sparrows on his security light (it comes on during the night when there’s movement, so it’s nice and warm, I guess).

    Those little sparrows really need to improve their nest building skills though. I wish they’d learn from the little white-eyes and the weaver birds, who make beautiful tightly-woven and secure-looking nests.

    One morning he heard a commotion outside, with the parents chirping and chattering and making a racket. When he came out, there were three teeny-tiny baby birds lying scattered across the lawn. The wind must have thrown them out of the nest. They were already dead.

    It’s just awful to think how desperately sad the parents must feel to have lost ALL their babies in one go.

    I hate baby birds dying before they’ve even had a chance to experience the world properly!

  2. Swimming pools are vicious and anti-nature. I had to accept that mine was simply irresistable to frogs.

    And frogs are irresistable to hawks. Finding a beautiful hawk dead in the pool was traumatic.

    Some people argue that we and all we bring to nature are part of the cycle of nature.

    I am not so sure about that, though…

  3. I’m not sure about that either Clarence. Finding a hawk in your pool must have been awful.

    Reggie, all birds have different nest-building methods. Robins, for example, add mud to their nests which makes them, at least from a human perspective, appear a lot stronger than most. We had some nasty windstorms here the past couple of days. I wonder how little birds like chickadees manage to survive the night among the blowing trees, but they do 🙂 Nature’s ways are mysterious.

  4. Good Evening Reg, What a poignant set of comments. Nature, by the word, I mean the interaction between life and the non-living world that tends to allow the living set of organism to reproduce, is not an easy experience. I see death and terrible destruction most days and am rather of the mind that nature just is and any attempt to understand it beyond the simple mechanical is almost impossible. AS for other things we are back from a quick visit to Ohio and am now looking to have the New Year begin. What a quest it will be…Regg and Richard! Love to you both. Daniel and Dana are having a great visit Indiana!
    By the way, Daniel is on You Tube, please see him on Unbrella Surfing…

  5. Hi Regg, How goes the daily life experience? I have been noticing the birds more as I reflect on the baby bird…I am also trying each day to read the blog…great talking with you the other day…Always here, BOBZ

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