The Japanese are whale hunting again

The Japanese government’s whaling fleet has just left its home port of Shimonoseki, and is heading south into the Southern Ocean for its annual whale hunting season. They intend to kill more than 1,000 whales, including 50 endangered fin whales, 50 threatened humpback whales and 935 minke whales.

I find this utterly horrifying and deeply nauseating.

Even MORE so, because the Japanese are claiming that they are conducting research.

I’m sorry, but what the )(*$%?!

How in heaven can you justify killing so many whales for “research”? Surely there are plenty of non-lethal, non-toxic, and harmless methods available for studying their behaviour, dietary patterns, social interactions, migration patterns, etc.? (See Greenpeace article: “Catching whales for science is a hoax”)

I mean, haven’t humans killed enough whales over the centuries to pretty much figure out what they look like inside?!

Imagine what would happen if the Japanese sent an army down to Australia to slaughter the local Aboriginal population in order to study them? You know, their culture, their history, the way they survive in the desert, etc.?

D’you think we might kick up a bit of a fuss? Actually, who knows…

Thank heavens for the very brave people of Greenpeace who have vowed to track the whaling fleet and to try to prevent another holocaust in the southern oceans. (And yes, I’m using the word holocaust deliberately. Cos that’s what it is.)

You can also keep up to date with their blog.

And you can read about the Great Whale Trail: Greenpeace and scientists based in the Pacific are monitoring tagged humpback whales as they migrate from the Pacific to the Southern Ocean, “demonstrating that whale research can be done effectively and non-lethally.” And without killing any whales or serving the meat in restaurants back home afterwards!!

Personally, I think the mere fact that whales are still ALIVE today despite all the crap we dump in the oceans (“no one’s looking, quick – dump it!”) and despite the huge oil tankers and cargo vessels etc. they have to avoid, never mind all the fishing trawlers, nets and assorted junk, is an absolute bloody miracle.

And I thought it’s a Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary?!

SANCTUARY, please note!

Honestly, it’s enough to make my blood boil.

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