The moment I had dreamed about for years had come at last. The green-and-white Aer Lingus plane was crossing the Irish Sea, which was hidden under a layer of white clouds so impenetrably solid I could imagine walking across it. My popping ears signalled that we were descending. And suddenly we were in the middle of the whiteness, and the cloud was disintegrating like mist in bright sunlight.

A ruffled, rippling dark-grey-blue sea appeared below us. I could see what looked like a harbour, surrounded by dark green forest and light green fields, houses dotted about, stretches of beach, a little rocky outcrop in the middle of the blue-green water. Was that the Howth peninsula I’d seen so often on Google Earth when I was planning our trip? So Dublin Airport had to be straight ahead!

Approaching Dublin over the Irish Sea

Approaching Dublin over the Irish Sea

Amazing! It looked so much BETTER in real life! Must be the difference in image resolution! 😉

“Look! Land! Ireland!” I cried, dramatically tapping the cold window.

Hubby smiled, his eyes still closed. Tired. Long flight from South Africa. Hadn’t slept much. The young Irishman next to him smiled indulgently.

Endless minutes later, the plane eased down smoothly on the runway.

We had arrived!!

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