On the downside…

The downside of being away for three weeks – and of not mowing the lawn for about 2 months because we were just too busy – is that this is what happens:

An infestation of weeds

An infestation of weeds

Add to that the fact that September to December is major-league hayfever season in Cape Town, and I am not a happy camper. ‘scuse me…


So this morning we hauled out the manual (electricity-saving) lawnmower and the hedge-trimmers, and got down and dirty with the grass verge on the pavement. Although we don’t technically own it, we (and not the City Council) are responsible for keeping it neat and trim.

MAN! Was this hard work!

The main problem was that the grass was just too long (20-30 cm high) to cut with the mower – it just rolled over and played dead. The grass, I mean, not the mower.

Hubby was pushing and pulling, trying to get the blades to turn and slice through the grass, but they just snaked around the blades and jammed up the works.

Meanwhile, I tackled the long straggly bits with the long-bladed hedge trimmers: scrunch, snip, scrunch, snip… until my arms were aching. As the mower can’t do edges – and we don’t have one of those whirly-gig weedeaters, I concentrated on snipping and clipping the edges and around the tree, and cutting the sections in the middle that were too long for the mower.

The final bit was raking the clippings together and bagging them. By that time, our hayfever – and my cold – was fighting back.

At the end of 2 hours, though, we had a front grass verge to be proud of…. er… of which to be proud. 🙂

A job well done

A job well done

And we were dying for a cup of coffee with some bikkies, so Mom’s visit was well-timed. Yumm.

P.S. We still have two big lawn-sections to mow though. Do any of you have a sheep for hire? Just for a day? Please contact me!

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