Tickets to Christy Moore

Somersaults of excitement down the passage!

Tuffy-cat scampering to get out of my way!

I just got off the Skype with Ireland. More precisely, a music company called Third Wave Music in Sligo. They are selling tickets to Christy Moore’s gig on 02 October 2008 at the Radisson Hotel at Ballincar, just outside Sligo town, on the way to Rosses Point.

I first heard Christy’s beautiful singing on a compilation CD called Celtic Legends, where he sang the melancholic “Ride On”. Intrigued, I phoned around the local music shops for any CDs or DVDs by him – alas, they were hopeless. They didn’t even have him on their system.

Thank goodness for the internet! Not only does Christy have his own website which has some video clips, photos, discography, etc. but he also runs another website for/by his fans, where you can listen to MP3s of some of his concerts. Beauuuuutiful lyrics. Totally my kind of music. One of the greats of Irish ‘folk’ music. Though I’m not entirely sure of that classification.

So when I saw that he’d be performing in Sligo at approximately the time when we might just conceivably be in the area, I just HAD to buy us tickets. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!


One thought on “Tickets to Christy Moore

  1. Dear Reggie! This is a nice day! AS a treat we are now in the 21st century here in Hazard! WE are on broadsband! Yeah! Great that you scored the tickets…after such a year all of the family decided to treat ourselves1 Regg Richard, thanks for listening and we are now in the skype process …….

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