National Throw-Your-Burning-Cigarettes-Out-The-Car-Window Day

It is an absolutely glorious winter day in Cape Town: a luminous blue sky arches above us, the air is crisp and bracing, and the bright sunlight is giving a special glow to all the leaves and flowers. My favourite kind of day.

The traffic on the N2 on my way to work was dense, but flowing. I didn’t even have to push too insistently to be allowed into the necessary lanes. The pyramid-formed bulk of Devil’s Peak was rising up majestically into the blue sky straight ahead, its slopes bathed in beautiful golden sunlight. Awesome.

And then, from one car after another emerged a burning cigarette butt. Just flung carelessly out the window on the driver’s side. And still smouldering as it landed in the street.

Thank goodness it’s not summer right now, or we’d have another mountainside-and-house destroying conflagration of epic proportions to contend with again.

I managed to hoot loudly at the one, but only because it was the car in front of me. He didn’t even look at me in the rear view mirror.

By the time I reached my turn-off to the University, I had counted 6 cars. I wish I’d been quick enough to remember their number plates.

So today must be National Throw Your Burning Cigarettes Out The Car Window Day.

But please don’t.

2 thoughts on “National Throw-Your-Burning-Cigarettes-Out-The-Car-Window Day

  1. Hi Monica

    I agree, yuk! 🙂 Cars are such confined spaces, and stale smoke always seems to cling to the upholstery.

    It’s really nice to see you on my blog again. I hope you’ll pop in from time to time to read about our Ireland trip. I haven’t had time to post this week, because all my energy went into preparing a slideshow presentation for the RRSG on the trip.

    And I am now sick with the flu, and under a deadline to finish editing a thesis, so not sure if I’ll manage to post this weekend either.

    Sigh… If only scientists could eradicate the flu bug… Mind you, they probably can already, but they make more money with all the remedies and medication we rush off to buy, so I doubt a ‘cure’ will ever reach the market.

    In the meantime, sniff… Aaaa-tcho!

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