I was about to go out the front door to head off to work, when I looked up and saw — THIS!

Biiiiiiig spider!

Biiiiiiig spider!

Like a good wife, I called Hubbs at work. He said, “It’s just a baboon spider, or a rain spider. It looks big and dangerous, but it isn’t. Don’t you remember learning about them on that spider course we did on Valentine’s Day?”

He calmly suggested the mop-and-bucket method of eviction.


Where’s a knight when you need ’em?

So I had another close look at the alien invader. I don’t know nuttin’ about spiders, but this one sure looks like it has a swollen belly. Maybe it’s a preggers female about to pop? Agh shame, maybe it’s got labour pains?

I called Mom. She packed up laughing at my hysterics. I said, “Are you still coming around later this morning?” “Hmm…. I’m not sure yet….”

She suggested I phone our neighbours. Or the police. Or the fire brigade. Or – a stroke of genius! – the woman from Butterfly World in Klapmuts who gave us that course!

But I have a sneaking suspicion Esther won’t be all that keen to drive ALLLLLL the way from Klapmuts in rush-hour traffic… not with petrol costing more than R10 a litre. Not even if I promise her a whole jar of my freshly baked chocolate cookies!

However, I clearly cannot go to work with Mr (Mrs?) Big Hairy 8-Legged Monster hanging off my ceiling! I need to set up a vigil underneath it to make sure it doesn’t go off to seek sanctuary in the winter paraphernalia of umbrellas and anoraks hanging nearby. Oh my goshels, what if THAT’s where it’s been all along?! 

Urghhhhh…. Shudder…

If you are brave enough to evict it, EMAIL ME!!!

5 thoughts on “SPIDER!!!!

  1. I cannot believe you’ve lived in Cape Town all your life (or not?) and are only now faced with the Evil Rain Monster of Doom. You lucky, lucky woman. (For having avoided it this long, I mean.)

    I have to say though, that one doesn’t look quite like what I remember… I remember them as blacker. And with fatter/shorter legs. And yes, I think she pregnant. Oh dear lord. Get that thing out before you have hundreds of baby spiders to deal with.

    (Don’t get me started on the stories I have of dealing with these things. They really are harmless. But so gross.)

    Btw, don’t call it a baboon spider (though many do). Apparently a baboon spider is aka tarantula…

    …OH DEAR GOD I think I’m used to seeing baboon spiders. Not rain spiders. Which are slightly less harmless (but not fatal). Oh lord. I sort of wish I’d never seen this.


    It is so big it looks like a FROG, not a spider!! Look at her fat tummy!! It is bigger than Prof’s one!!! Hehee!

    And what happen eventually? Did you call the Police?

  3. Hi Robynn

    It wasn’t the spider what got me, but the flu bug, which may be developing into bronchitis. I will reveal all as soon as I cease sneezing, coughing, spluttering and gasping for air.

    I shall return!

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