Movie review: “He was a Quiet Man”

This must have been the CR4P-est movie I’ve seen in a long, long time. Quite frankly, I think I would even prefer one of Steven Segal’s appalling ‘shoot-em-up’ films with their mangled plots to this disaster.

No seriously, just don’t bother wasting your money on taking this out.

I know Christian Slater is a good actor – usually – but this movie sucks. Totally. Unredeemably.

The character he plays in this drivel of a movie is just so utterly unlikeable and unable to arouse even the slightest sense of pity or compassion or affection or any other positive feeling in me, that I could have cheered when he finally pulled the trigger and blew himself into the hereafter – if I had had any energy left to cheer. But by that time, i was irritable and somewhat depressed that we’d taken out such a sh-1-te movie.

It was only when reading the plot summary on the Wikipedia that I realised that most of the movie had been a hallucination. That makes me feel loads better.

But like the very friendly Mr Jacobs in the DVD store said: “There is usually a reason why there is only one copy of some movies on the shelves.”


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