Check out TED

It still astounds me how a number of searches and clicks can lead you to fascinating stuff on the internet.

For instance, I am a bit nuts about Ireland. As we are finally heading over there in Sept/Oct this year, I often search the web for unusual things to do and strange places to visit off the beaten track.

So, as I have a blog based at WordPress, I used their search facility to find other blogs on WordPress about Ireland.

That’s how I found a blog with the intriguing title Sunny spells and scattered showers (which seems to be the average weather in Ireland).

And after clicking through some stuff about Ireland, I found a category called – temptingly – ‘Worth a look’. So I did. And found a post called A presentation worth watching. Well, it certainly was! (You can go directly to the presentation here.)

And because this was the first time ever that a presentation with graphs and statistics had me glued to the screen, I clicked on over to the TED website.

It’s ama-a-a-a-a-zing!

I’d better warn my ISP that I’ll be chowing up my bandwidth at an increased rate.

(P.S. You probably won’t believe this, but literally while I was typing that last sentence, I received an email from my ISP, cautioning me that, at my current rate, I would be depleting my allocated usage quota before the end of the month!! Now that was a little creepy….)


2 thoughts on “Check out TED

  1. Hi Robynn – what a sweet offer!

    We would have loved to take you up on it, but we fly from CT to Amsterdam and thence to Dublin (and the same way back again not quite 3 weeks later). No stop-over in Heathrow (must admit I’m relieved about that with all the stories one hears!).

    So unless you happen to be in Eire-land between 22 Sept and 12 Oct, or if you happen to be standing around bored at Schiphol between 11h00 and 13h00 on 22 Sept and again between 09h00 and 10h00 on 12 Oct, our paths will – very sadly – not cross.

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