Good News in South Africa

If you’re a bit tired of all the doom-and-gloom and the crime-and-grime in our fair country at the south end of Africa, and when you feel like emigrating – or at least drowning your sorrows in a pint (or more like a six-pack) of Windhoek Lager, I recommend that you pay a quick visit to a website that focuses on the positive and encouraging things happening here: South Africa: The Good News.

I admit I haven’t visited often, so I don’t know how much white-washing the writers employ or whether they live in some sort of fantastic parallel universe… 

However, as I do believe in the idea that ‘What you resist, persists’, as well as in its partner, ‘What you focus on, you create and empower’ (see my discussion of “The Secret”), I would prefer to give more attention and more of my energy to positive news.

Now if only there was a local radio station that we could tune our alarm-radio to in the morning, so that we aren’t woken up every day with depressing and stomach-churning news, like “A major accident on the N2 highway kills 20 people and causes massive traffic snarl-up”, or “Xenophobic violence flares up again in refugee shelters,” or “Entire family wiped out in neighbourhood car-hijacking”….

Because in that sleep-heavy state between dreaming and waking we really are very, very receptive to both good and bad news. In fact, as an experiment, we tuned our bedside radio to a classical music station for a couple of months last year. The difference in how we felt on waking up was dramatic.

There were only two (slight) minus points: The first was that we felt a bit out-of-touch because we missed out on ‘important’ news items. (But as most of these were really depressing in any case, I don’t think that was necessarily a bad thing.) The second was that the music was sooo nice and sooo soothing that we struggled to wake up. Once up, though, I noticed that my energy level was higher and I definitely wasn’t as stressed or anxious as usual.

Right, I’m off to re-tune the radio!

How about giving it a try yourself?

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