Movie review: “The Darjeeling Limited”

This was a really odd movie about three American brothers (who don’t resemble each other at all) who meet up again in India in order to have a spiritual journey together that is supposed to bond them together as brothers.

The Darjeeling Limited stars some fairly well-known actors: Owen Wilson as Francis, the brother who has had a serious motorbike accident and walks around for almot the entire movie with a weird bandage contraption wrapped around his head and face; Adrien Brody as his brother Peter, who has run away from his 7 1/2 month heavily pregnant wife, and who seems rather bewildered by questions of ownership (he has taken possession of their recently deceased father’s sunglasses, carkeys, etc. and in the course of the movie frequently ‘borrows’ items from his two brothers without asking; and the rather sleazy looking Jason Schwartzman as Jack, the ‘tortured’ writer who can’t seem to figure out what love and commitment mean.

They meet up on a train through India, a trip that has been organised down to the last detail by Francis to bring the three estranged brothers together again. He eventually admit that he wants them to head up into the Himalayas to find their mother, played by Anjelica Huston, who abandoned them – and didn’t attend their father’s funeral – because she is a nun at a monastery in the mountains. (Of course that might explain why the three brothers are all so odd.)

They end up having some really strange adventures – which probably aren’t even that strange in a country known for its otherwordliness.

You can see the official trailer on YouTube.


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