My cuddly toys go off to find a new home

The dismal situation in the refugee camps has received a lot of publicity. Like most South Africans with email access, I’ve also been receiving daily requests from various places to donate money, clothing, blankets, food, anything that could make their lives a little easier.

When I saw a video-clip online of a little girl being given a cuddly toy – and the look of amazement on her face when she realised it was for her, it almost broke my heart. And it reminded me that I still had a couple of cuddly toys from my younger years stored at my Mom’s, so I fetched them at the next opportunity. I cleaned them up, made little name-tags for each of them (yip, they ALL had names!), and tidied them up nicely with bows and ribbons.

They looked so pleased to finally be released from the loneliness of the cupboard, that they insisted on posing for a family photo before setting out full of confidence and buckets full of love in their cuddly hearts to find new homes:


Left to right: Kola the koala, Cranberry the happy puppy, and Pan the panda bear.


Left to right: Romany the racoon, Woolly the penguin, Finlay the pink carebear, Tiny the tiny panda bear, Assisi the blue carebear, Braunbär the tiny brown bear, Brownie-Points the big bear with the blue ribbon, Wisden the green carebear, Tweetybird in the front, Vladimir (Didi) the little brown puppy, Perky (Percival) the little lion, Golden the golden bear, and Maurice Maximilian (Max) the big panda bear.

Good luck!

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