Movie review: “Enchanted”

This was another one of Walt Disney’s fairytales rewritten for the 21st century, of which there seem to be more and more being made.

Enchanted came out in October/November last year. It combines a dizzying array of Disney animation, live action and computer generated imagery with musical singing about love. (Are you cringing?).

The plot is fairly straightforward: Giselle (played by Amy Adams) is a young girl who lives in a forest in an animated land called Andalasia, surrounded by singing and speaking animals who clearly adore her. She meets a handsome prince, Edward (James Marsden), who literally sweeps her off her feet on his proud steed, and they ride off into the sunset to get married.

Enter Narissa (Susan Sarandon), the wicked stepmother of Prince Edward, who does not want him to get married – because it would mean that she would have to give up the crown. She banishes beautiful Giselle out of the fantasy world of Andalasia into real-life 21st century New York. Giselle meets a young divorce lawyer, Robert (played by Patrick Dempsey, aka McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy) and his daughter Morgan, and the story develops from there.

In direct contrast to last night’s I am Legend, “Enchanted” was rather saccharine-sweet in places, self-ironically poking fun at itself, and stretching the bounds of credulity. But those are characteristics of Disney pictures, after all.


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