A walk on Camps Bay beach

This morning, the weather was so beautiful that we couldn’t bear staying inside the house a moment longer. So we drove through the City Bowl, over Kloof Nek and down the other side to Camps Bay, which has a really nice white sandy beach.

Richard did his usual magic: ‘I know there’ll be a parking space for me’. (It always works for him – it’s even a little unnerving sometimes!) So I wasn’t surprised when we found parking right on the congested Beach Road.

We crossed the narrow expanse of lawn with its palm trees and assorted other big trees, walking past a few clusters of vagrants with their assortments of bags, surrounded by little children with dirty clothes and dirty faces, holding out their hands with a practiced pleading look. This must be one of the nicest beaches in Cape Town, but if I was a tourist, the ever-present vagrants would really put me off visiting here.

We took off our shoes, which had already filled up with the soft sand, tied their laces together and slung them around our necks.

Getting ready

We walked first to the northern end of the beach, where Lion’s Head was reaching into the bright blue sky up ahead. The sand was pleasantly soft and slightly warm underfoot, except at the edge of the water, where it was firm and deeply cold. When we got to the pile of boulders at the northern end, we made sure to touch them. Since childhood, I’ve always done that when going anywhere; I guess it’s a way of saying, ‘We were here, this is the end of the path, and we are turning around now.’

View north across the beach

The water on the Atlantic side of the Peninsula is icy cold at this time of year, but that didn’t stop the dogs splashing along the water’s edge. I love watching people on the beach – and particularly children and dogs, because they are always so entertaining.

The owner of the black dog had thrown a piece of seaweed far into the breakers, causing his dog to leap enthusiastically into the water. As we watched, the dog was knocked down by one wave and then another, but his head reappeared and then he seemed to dive down underneath the water, and we gasped…. and when he re-emerged, he was proudly clutching the stick of seaweed. The other dog was just joining in on the fun!

Dogs playing in the ocean

This is a view south across Camps Bay beach, with part of the Twelve Apostles mountain range visible. We walked all the way to the southern end of the beach, touched the pile of boulders there as per our custom, and meandered back to the lawns. It took a while to get enough of the sand off our feet and from between our toes, so that we could put our socks and shoes back on.

View south across the beach

After such a reinvigorating brisk walk, we had worked up an appetite. So we picked up my Mom in Tamboerskloof and went to have a very late breakfast at Caramellos in the Lifestyles on Kloof centre. The chococino could not have been more decadent than this. Yummmmmmm..

A chococino to warm up afterwards

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