A feline visitor

After such an exhilarating Saturday, it was not surprising that we slept restfully and deeply from 22h00 to 08h00 the next morning, despite a fretful rooster somewhere nearby crowing intermittently from about 03h00 onwards, probably mistaking the bright sheen of the almost-full moon for the light of dawn.

We got up around 08h00 after a refreshing night’s sleep, and showered one last time in our beautiful almost-outdoor shower. While Richard was getting ready, I prepared our usual breakfast of muesli, a bit of fruit and fresh milk (!Yes!). After breakfast, we were going to drive off to the Millwood Forest, perhaps to find gold on the Miners’ Walk!

And then I heard a high-pitched miaowing sound outside. It emanated from a little dark-grey-and-black-striped cat, which was staring warily at me from the outside fire-place. I called to it softly, holding out my hand, but it scampered away up the path in the direction of the car. I followed it, slowly, still calling softly, not wanting to frighten it.

At last, perhaps annoyed by my persistence, it turned and looked at me, and then padded towards me. I knelt down to stroke it as it passed, but it hollowed its back in that weird way cats do to avoid being touched. But at least it didn’t run away.

It went to sit right in the middle of the path going down to the swimming pool, staring at me and making the cutest little ‘miu, miu’ sound with just a hint of hunger-pangs.

“Ohh! You want MILK!”

I poured a little bit of milk onto a small plate and then left the plate on the cement slab next to the braai place. We held our breath to see whether kittykins would give in to temptation.


A hungry kitty

As we watched through the window, she lapped up the milk. And when I went out again, she rubbed herself against my legs and allowed me to stroke her fur.

Ahhh, I’d made a feline friend.

My new friend

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