Looking for Phantoms on the Pass

By the time we were ready to leave, it was already 08h30. We carefully bumpetied from ‘our’ farm back onto the Rheenendal Road, and headed south for the turn-off to the pass road we’d spotted last night: Phantom Pass! When it turned out to be a gravel road, we hesitated for a moment, as our car isn’t an off-road vehicle, and we didn’t know the condition of the road… But the spirit of adventure was strong today!

And it was completely worth it!

It was a long, winding gravel road with very pretty scenery all the way into a beautiful lush valley, and along a kind of estuary, lined with reeds and marshes, until we reached the N2. Higher up the mountain, there was dense impenetrable bush on both sides and the road clung tightly to the steep mountain side.

A little lower down, we could see a fairly flat and lush green valley between two densely overgrown hills; there were paddocks with horses, and as we passed the turn-off, we saw that it was in fact a stud farm.

I’d love to visit this place again – phantoms or no phantoms!

I'd love to hear your views

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