Breakfast with a View

We slept a little restlessly in the unfamiliar surroundings.

I, in particular, kept a nervous eye on the bamboo-covered ceiling for creatures descending to bite me on the nose, but – thank god – nothing untoward happened. Apart from the chirping chorus of either crickets or frogs (or so I surmise) who seemed to be hiding in the undergrowth right outside our window, the creaks and sighs of branches in the breeze, and the occasional groan of the house settling down for the night, all was quiet. The soft silvery light of the moon shone serenely in through all the windows.

When the sun’s rays peered over the railing of the east-facing balcony and beckoned insistently that we should get out of bed, we made a breakfast of muesli and yoghurt and a cup of tea, and went off with our bowls and mugs to find the hidden path to the secluded pool that Corlia had told us about.

View across the mountains and valleys

The path was wild and a little overgrown, so we had to duck a bit under the branches of trees, but it was clearly a path… and when we emerged out into the open, we were standing on a wooden deck around a sunken blue pool, with a breathtaking view across a deep valley right below us, across to a series of interlocking valleys and mountain peaks.

Two wooden African-style chairs were waiting for us right at the edge of the deck. It was so idyllic.

As we munched, we looked through a pile of brochures that Corlia kept in the cottage, of exciting things to do and amazing places to see in the area, and planned our day. First up was a drive over Phantom Pass, and we were keen to stop at the viewing site at the famous Knysna Heads. Perhaps we could refine our plans over chococcinos?

Breakfast with a view

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