Movie review: “Hitman”

Tonight, having not watched a DVD last night, we somehow found our feet walking themselves across to the DVD store after our evening jog around the field. And this time it was hubby’s turn to choose.

So that is how we ended up watching Hitman.

Man, it was gory. The crew must have used literally gallons of ketch-up and fake blood during the shooting (!) of this movie. I have not seen such a body count in a movie for a while.

It was only when we were watching the special features, that I realised the movie was based on a violent video game. At least that explained the rather stereotypical and one-dimensional characters, their predictable behaviour (baddies were clearly baddies, who completely deserved to be shot up), and the frequent long shots of the camera following the ‘hero’ down corridors, up and down levels and over obstacles, encountering and eliminating the bad guys as they appeared.

The only good part of the movie was Timothy Olyphant in the role of bald-headed Agent 47. You could sense that deeeeeep underneath the facade of the ice-cold-killer with the piercing stare and the precisely controlled movements was a man who might, just perhaps, want to believe in love after all.

Hm… Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.


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