A wintry day and a hot water bottle

Today was the first wintry day of the year. It was miserably cold and wet outside, and cold enough inside to require a heater.

In fact, our little fluffball paid frequent visits to the oil heater in the lounge, to check whether it had, perhaps, fortuitously, been switched on in the five minutes since her last spot-check. Alas, it wasn’t.

You could see the abject disappointment WRIT LARGE on her cute little brown-and-black face. She even sighed theatrically a few times. (Hmm… I wonder from whom she’s learned that?)

However, in the spirit of keeping our electricity consumption as low as possible, even though Eskom has surprised the entire nation by announcing on the weekend that it was discontinuing load shedding, we filled up a hot water bottle for her instead.

Now tell me honestly: Do you think we might perhaps be spoiling our little furry creature?

Tuffy and the Hot Water Bottle


One thought on “A wintry day and a hot water bottle

  1. Oooh… Cape Winter and Eskom…. things not to look forward to…

    Good idea with the hot water bottle! We have one of those barley bags that you can microwave – it’s amazingly warm… guess it’s time to dig it out 🙂

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