Movie review: “Montana Sky”

We watched Montana Sky tonight.

It is a modern-day Western, released in 2007, and set in the ‘big sky state’ of Montana. It starts with the death of Jack Mercy, a rather tough and mean old cowboy who by all accounts must have had a lady in every rodeo-station, so to speak.

In his Last Will and Testament, he bequeaths his huge farm to his three adult daughters, provided they live there together for at least a year. The catch? The three daughters have never met, as they all have different mothers and live in different parts of the country. And when they do meet for the first time at the funeral, they cannot stand each other.

Willa, the tomboy-cowgirl, is crazy about the farm on which she grew up and appalled that she has to share it with city folk. Tess is the ditzy blonde with big boobs, which she displays to all and sundry; she comes from California and claims to have a successful business in Hollywood. Lily is the shy and pretty wallflower who is relentlessly pursued by an abusive ex-husband with crazy eyes.

Another spanner in Willa’s works is Ben McKinnon (played by John Corbett with whom we fell in love in Sex and the City), the son of the farmer, whose ranch adjoins the Mercy Ranch. Of course, Willa would be a silly twit if she didn’t eventually fall for Ben’s charms and into his dependably strong arms. And even Lily finds true love in the form of part-Indian Adam Wolfchild.

The plot on the whole is a little predictable, despite some surprising twists and turns that do keep you guessing to the end. Nothing Oscar-winning, but it was a real nice and pleasant 21st century ‘civilised’ Western with no gunfights at any corrals, no crazy horses, no spitting of ‘bacco and no rowdy Injuns.


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