An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

This is what happens when you have three cats and two engineers with too much time on their hands: a deadpan funny “scientific” study of the benefits of owning cats and how to care for them. You can check out the video-clip on YouTube.

As I am married to an engineer and we have a cat (well, the neighbour’s cat who moved in), this is very close to home.

So the next time our Tuffkins claws our brandnew still-shop-smelly sofa, delivered just yesterday and currently covered in a yukky but protective white plastic dropsheet, I will give her some serious “corporal cuddling”. She will reaaaaaally hate that! Hopefully there won’t be any emergency visits to the v-e-t (for her) or to the trauma unit at Vincent Palotti Hospital (for me).

My conventional approach of thundering down the passage from the bedroom (wooden floors echo so nicely when you run) when I hear her claw-sharpening activities, yelling “NO, Tuffy, NO!” doesn’t seem to be effective in the slightest.

When hubby returns on Friday night, I’ll ask him to erect a cat-deterring scaffolding around the sofa.

– Thank you to Robyn for posting this link on her blog.

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