A Nomination for Doofus of the Day Award

I created a beautiful colourful calendar for our little home-office. OK, I admit, it’s a little late in the year – about a quarter of it is already past – but I just didnagidarountuit.

Anyhow, it took me ages to create the thing and to fill in everyone’s birthdays. Which, incidentally, was my reason for creating the calendar in the first place. The birthday calendar currently hanging in the guest bathroom dates back to last year, which means that all the days are shifted a day or two back (2008 is a leap year). So I’d missed a couple of birthdays, which, I admit, is totally unforgivable. SORRY to all my family and friends!! I still love you!!

Today, I finally made some time in my frantic day to rush to the copy-shop in the Gardens Centre. I had another batch of papers that I wanted to have ring-bound, which was quite straightforward.

When I showed the pretty A4 portrait sized calendar to the assistant, I asked whether they could do ‘calendar binding’, ‘wire binding’ or ‘spiral binding’ – you know, so that you can flip the pages over, which you can’t do with normal ring-binding.

The chap looked a bit puzzled, and said “But you can flip all the pages over with ring-binding”.

I explained that ring-binding has a solid spine, so all the pages would bunch up over the top, which means you can’t dangle the calendar on a hook. Fortunately, another assistant noticed his colleague’s bewilderment, and indicated to him that he should indeed use ‘wire binding’.

Anyhow, the shop as usual was buzzing with people in various queues – waiting to order, waiting to collect, waiting to pay, waiting to phone, waiting to fax…

The ring-bound booklet came back, perfect. And then the calendar came back. Wire bound, yes… but on the side.

I asked him how he thought I would be able to HANG IT UP.

He said I should have been more specific.

I pointed out that it was pretty obvious that it was a CALENDAR (the first page said ‘January 2008’ after all), and reminded him that I had flipped the pages in front of him to demonstrate how I wanted to flip them once it was bound.

He shrugged his shoulders apologetically and then turned to the next customer.

Now what he SHOULD have done was to admit that he’d made a mistake, and to offer to make colour photocopies of every page and to wire-bind it again along the top. Or at the very least to give me a serious discount.

And I suppose what I SHOULD have done was to ask to speak with the manager. That usually stirs things up. But cowardice and the desire ‘not to make a fuss in front of all these people’ held me back.

So now I have a belly-full of crossness at crappy service. – And a birthday calendar I can’t figure out how to hang up straight.

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