Err… rather talk to the criminals nicely

Is our government predictable, or what?

Poor Minister Shabangu seems to be having a tough time. She’s being roundly scolded, severely reprimanded, and threatened with permanent unemployment for having the courage to acknowledge that crime is (literally) killing us.

Most of the political parties as well as the Human Rights Commission are criticising her for recommending that policemen and women should break the law or (horror of horrors) ‘violate the constitution’.

I don’t think that’s what she said.

I THINK she said that our police force should no longer be fearful of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to protect innocent people from criminals, even if it meant shooting the bad guys first. Because, by definition, the bad guys don’t really play fair. (See Mugabe and his cronies for a perfect and topical example…)

Sometimes I wonder whom the constitution is actually protecting. I no longer think it’s the victims of crime, but perhaps I’m just getting cynical.

Thankfully, “the country’s ordinary citizens” love and admire her, as witnessed by the snowstorm of SMS’s received by the newspapers.

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