Tuffy-cat’s latest snoozle-spots

Before Tuffy moved into our lives, I had always believed that cats were creatures of habit.

Well, our Tuffster seems to like defying such expectations, specifically with regard to her choice of sleeping places. I should add that about 90% of her daily routine involves sleeping… and much of that during the day. That leaves about 10% for eating, cleaning and staring into space.

On that last point, I have noticed that she often sits with her face a few centimetres away from the corner of a room, or the corner of the couch, or right up against the wall, or a cupboard or another item of furniture.

If her eyes were closed, it probably wouldn’t freak me out so much. But usually her eyes are open when she does that. It gives me this unsettling feeling that she is using her x-ray vision to look into the next room, or into the cupboard… which is quite frankly a little creepy. I suppose if it was the cupboard in which we conceal her crunchies-and-cracklies, it would be quite acceptable. But it’s not…

Anyhow, since the start of the year, our little ball-of-fluff has been ‘sleeping around’, as evident from some photos.

In January, we bought her a basket at the pet shop. I think she assumed that this meant she was now permitted to sleep in the bedroom with us (not ON the bed, mind you, but NEXT to the bed), albeit within hopping-across distance. She expressed her gratitude by effusively purring, pumping and kneading.

A slight snag soon became evident, though. She has a habit of cleaning herself IN her bed, which means that it was soon covered in fur and all kinds of unmentionables from the garden. Now instead of washing herself BEFORE climbing into her basket, she’d simply hop over onto our nice clean duvet when she thought her own bed was too dirty. The only solution was frequent vacuum-cleaning. Sigh… And you can guess whose duty that was….

Tuffy on the rocking chair

In March, Richard’s sister Tanya visited us from Windhoek for a couple of weeks. Now for Tuffy, this was an exciting time indeed, because Tanya was sleeping on the sleeper-couch in the lounge. Tuffy is completely at ease with visitors (although she abhors being picked up, so let that be a warning!), and she looooves getting cosy with them in the middle of the night. So she abandoned her aspirations to conquer our bedroom, and moved onto Tanya’s bed instead. (She probably knew that Tanya had a soft spot for her…). I wish I’d taken some photos, because it was adorable how they cuddled.

Of course, the sleeper-couch had to be tidied up every morning, with the pillows, sheet and duvet piled up on a spare chair in the office during the daytime. Undeterred by this rather annoying disruption of her sleeping patterns, Tuffy simply moved WITH the soft stuff into the office (but you can see she’s a bit peeved):

Tuffy on her office chair

A couple of days before our Namibian visitor was due to return home, she bought a huge bag of doggy biscuits for her two Golden Retrievers, and left this on the sofa, lying partly on Tuffy’s sheepskin basket. Now I don’t know whether Tuffy was perhaps under the illusion that these bikkies were destined for her, but she laid claim to them, by simply sleeping ON them. I don’t think that the hard bony biscuits could have been particularly comfortable, but our usually so fastidious soft-and-snuggly-nest-seeking fluff-ball didn’t seem to mind. She even looked a bit cheesed-off when they were packed away into the suitcase.

Tuffy on the doggy biscuits

And then, when we moved all the furniture out of the lounge in the last week of March, so that we could give our lounge floor another layer of eco-friendly varnish (an unpleasant task, which is why it has still not been done), Tuffy was in seventh heaven to find that her sheepskin was lying right ontop of the boxes with all the books: she really loves sleeping in high places. So this is where she has been sleeping for the last two weeks, while we work up the energy to tackle the floor.

Tuffy ontop of the mountain of boxes


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