Tuffy’s night-time prowlings…

Every night, when sensible humans have retired to bed, Tuffy reminds us of the fact that felines are nocturnal creatures. So it is not an uncommon occurrence for me to wake up with a fright at 2am, 3am, 4am or 5am, having heard “a sound”:

  • a loud crunch-crack-crunch-crack, as Tuffy chows her ‘korreltjies’,
  • a tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, as she trots down the passage towards our bedroom,
  • a scratch-scratch-scratch, as she cleans her claws on our multi-million-dollar carpet (well, not quite that much),
  • a gentle thump, as she hops onto the bedroom shelf,
  • a tip-tap-tip-tap sound, followed by rustling curtains, as she climbs onto the window sill, double-checking whether we have perhaps, by fortuitous coincidence, left the window open,
  • a metallic squeak-squeak-squeak, as she tries to nudge the window open further than the catch allows, so that she can squeeze through,
  • a hard thunk, as her no-longer-quite-so-svelte body lands on the wooden floor,
  • a soft thud, and a gentle wooden creak, signalling that she has landed in her nest on the rocking-chair,
  • an adorable little licking sound, as she cleans herself thoroughly from head to paws,
  • that horrible cracking sound she makes when she bites off the tips of her claws – I know she’s gotta do it, but it still makes my stomach leap,
  • a soft pumping-plucking sound, as she alternately kneads and plucks her pillow, her towel, the bed…. to the musical accompaniment of soft but penetrating purring that makes me go all gooshy, even if she IS busy pumping and plucking away at our increasingly puncture-marked duvet, which means that she has once again managed to bypass our deep-sleep defences and make herself comfortable on our bed…,
  • and not to forget the early-morning chirrup at the foot of the bed, when she realises that I am reluctantly semi-conscious, notifying me that her bowl is empty and so is her tummy and would I please get up right now to fix that?

Now it is late, and I’d better get some sleep before Tuffy wakes me up again.

Tuffy curled up in her nest

Tuffy curled up in her nest

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