A burst of rain

Yesterday, we almost melted in the sweltering heat. 35 degrees or thereabouts on the 1st of April is a bit unusual. A brown haze was hanging over the flatter areas of Cape Town. Today, thankfully, it had cooled off a bit, and there were promising signs of an impending thunderstorm. At work this morning, I kept getting shocked when I touched the filing cabinet or the light switch.

The oppressive heat was making my brain feel fuzzy… And I was fighting a losing battle with my cellphone’s contact list, which I was trying to back up onto the computer via a bluetooth dongle; the software we downloaded seems to be buggy, because it kept losing phone numbers and then resurrecting ones I had already deleted or corrected. Frustrating…

The fact that neighbours across the street were shoving entire tree trunks into a shredding machine didn’t help either. The rise and fall of the roaring whine continued for almost three hours, sounding like an industrial vacuum-cleaner right next to my head.

I gave up on technology, made myself a mug of tea and went to stand at the bedroom window, looking out across the garden. There was an instant of quiet, as though the world was drawing breath…. And suddenly, there was a rushing sound, like sluice-gates opening, and huge drops of rain pelted down onto the shuddering leaves of the delicious monster.

I ran outside, just as Tuffy-cat came tearing in through the window, ears flattened and fur bristling, shaking off drops of rain. Poor kitten!

The rain was thundering on the aluminium roof of the carport like chunks of hail. I stood in the middle of the lawn and held out my arms, letting the rain wash away all my frustration…. it was utterly blissful….

Although the shower was over in a few minutes, it felt like the world had been reborn.

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