Intriguing activity in the park

During the last week, there has been quite a flurry of activity in the park, with City Council workers using some sort of weird digging machine, resembling a mole with two huge paws, to create perfectly straight trenches with neatly triangular piles of earth on either side, all around the perimeter of the park, as well as criss-crossing it from various angles.

I couldn’t figure out what they were doing: were they installing electricity cables, or fixing the sewage system, or about to erect a fence around our park?

Today, the mystery was solved at last: They had installed an irrigation system with pop-up sprinklers! Amazing! Our park has indeed been in serious need of some irrigation – all around the year, except during the winter, the grass looks terrible – sparse, trampled, shrivelled up….

Altough I am really thrilled that the City Council is doing something nice in our area with all the buckets of money we have been giving them with our increased rates, I am wondering whether it is wise to increase water usage, when we are still complying with water restrictions and punitive water tariffs when we consume too much. But perhaps they are using grey water? (Mental note to have a good sniff at the water sometime!)

Apart from that, I am also curious to see how long the irrigation system will remain undamaged and in place, given the presence of loitering criminals with bad intentions who are sure to find some sort of money-making use for stolen plastic pipes and neat little pop-ups.

But let me be positive, and look forward to an expanses of luscious green lawn that children and dogs will finally enjoy playing on again!

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