Movies of March

This month, we watched an eclectic crop of movies:

  • A dreadful 2005 action film 7 Seconds, with countless scenes of gratuitous violence.
  • A fictionalised period piece of the early life of Jane Austen, Becoming Jane.
  • A 2007 children’s fantasy The Dark is Rising, which we really enjoyed.
  • A very odd and slow-moving 2004 Australian movie Oyster Farmer, whose cover claims that it was “the best movie to come out of Australia in 2004” (perhaps because there weren’t any others?).
  • A fairly old romantic movie dating back to 1999, Random Hearts, starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas in the lead roles;
  • And what all three of us (hubby, cat and me) unanimously agree has been the most boring and ponderously lethargic movie we have ever seen – Silk, which cannot even be rescued by the luscious and vivacious Keira Knightley as the leading lady.
  • Hubby went to see two movies that are part of the Exploring Consciousness Film Festival – Greg Bradden’s The Science of Miracles and Masaru Emoto’s Messages from Water. Is this a marriage of science and mysticism – or not? 

I'd love to hear your views

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