We wait with bated breath…

… to see what will happen in our northern neighbour today.

Today is the day on which Zimbabweans go to the polls to cast their vote for the country’s future. Will Bob and his loyal cronies in the ZANU-PF continue to tyrannise the country or will Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change finally gain power?

I find it utterly baffling that the citizens of that devastated country have not yet risen up as one to overthrow the government. An inflation rate of over 100,000%? Is that even possible? And how can economists say that it can still get worse, that they have not yet hit rock-bottom?

Truly extraordinary – and deeply saddening – is the fact that the South African government and all the other international and regional organisations are sitting back, twiddling their collective thumbs and waiting … for what? A peaceful solution? Civil war?

What’s that saying “May you live in interesting times?”

Well, I guess we really do.

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