Shopping for a sofa

We paid a visit to the newly opened branch of Tafelberg Furnishers this morning. It’s near the Builders Warehouse at the start of Milnerton, just on the northern side of the N1.

The plan was to check out their range of sleeper couchers. Alas, although they had an impressive range of lounge furniture, there wasn’t much variety available among the sleeper couches. Some were too long for the fairly small dimensions of our lounge, some had no arm rests, one was so hard that you could feel the springs (or planks?) of the bed it concealed, one had a seat so deep that our legs were dangling in the air, one sagged in the middle… .

Somewhat dispirited, we ambled around the rest of the sofas and armchairs, testing a couple for comfort and snuggleability. There are so many things to take into consideration:

First of all, we have a resident cat. We thus have to choose a material that isn’t going to encourage Tuffy’s clawing instinct. Richard maintains (somewhat hopefully, I think) that leather will definitely put her off, but genuine leather (ha! is it ever ‘genuine’?) adds a couple of bucks to the price, and if it’s that awful plastic leather, it feels sweaty against your legs and back. Some of the ones whose colour we liked, were covered in a nice rough material, which would most likely send Tuffy to a heaven of kitty-bliss, clawing and scratching her way to ecstasy with eyes glazing over.

Secondly, although I am rather partial to the off-white/cream look, it will immediately show up any stains – tea, coffee, wine, chocolate, ice-cream…. On the positive side, this may encourage us to have our dinner at the table, like civilised people, rather than on the couch watching a DVD. But, as any housewife will know, the lighter the colour of any carpet or furniture, the higher the likelihood of accidents with wine bottles, chocolate puddings and tomato sauce. Conversely, if you choose a darker colour, the more gloomy the room as a whole appears. Dilemma…

Thirdly, we have to bear in mind the fairly small dimensions of our lounge: it seems that the more comfortable the armchair is (i.e. the more you sink into it and the harder it is to get up), the larger and more ‘pouffy’ it is. But is large and pouffy really the best for our posture? Not that either of us fancies those old straight-backed Victorian armchairs either – after all, we want our guests to be comfy too! (Although not so comfy that they will fall asleep and have to be carried to the car….)

Not surprisingly, we didn’t find anything suitable.

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