Massaged gently by a chair

We turned to leave Tafelberg Furnishers, when Richard gently took my hand and walked me over to a big open area, where about 10 armchairs of different dimensions were placed in a semi-circle next to each other. He sat me down in one, and took the adjacent one. They were different kinds of massage chairs. So I picked up the remote on the arm-rest and started pressing the various buttons.

A couple of years ago when I’d first encountered such chairs, they were rather heavy-handed and insensitive, pounding your back and vibrating your spine most uncomfortably. But these were far more sensitive and gentle, offering different programs and settings and intensities.

They were capable of various kinds of movements: one involved rollers or round balls undulating slowly up and down either side of the spine, another was some sort of percussion, which made you shake and vibrate, and I rather liked the kneading, which felt like knuckles working their way up and down alongside your spine, digging into all those soooore spots.

You could choose to have it focus on your lower back, or on your upper back, or you could just let it work over your whole back, and you could also adjust how close to the spine it went, and if you wanted it to stay in one particular area.

One of the chairs even had a vibrating pad underneath the bum, which I suppose could even be quite kinkily pleasant! (But definitely not in a store, with security cameras watching your every expression!)

Tempting though it was to grab-and-run with one of these chairs, at about R17k for ONE chair, I think these are definitely outside our price range. But there’s nothing wrong with test-driving one on a laid-back Sunday morning!

In the end, even though the sensation of having my aching and sore back massaged all the way from the tops of my shoulders to the end of my spine was amazing, I still much prefer a human touch.

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