Are you “elated”?

No, this isn’t a reference to anything naughty….  

Outside the Pick’n Pay in the Howard Centre this morning, we were waylaid by a very friendly Indian chap and a very bubbly young woman who were handing out flyers about an organisation called “elated” – an acronym standing for “Enhancing the Lives of Animals Through Ethical Decisions”. You can check out their website here.

For R20 you could buy a voucher, which entered you into a competition with three rather nice prizes:

  1. bed and breakfast for two at Monkey Valley Resort;
  2. a hamper of Trevamo organic beauty products valued at R1350 from Faithful to Nature;
  3. bed and breakfast for two at Bergzicht Guesthouse.

But the deal was that for one whole week you had to pledge NOT to eat certain animals or animal products. (I know, this probably sounds a bit peculiar.) You could thus choose NOT to eat the following:

  • chickens
  • chicks (i.e. eggs)
  • pigs
  • calves (dairy)
  • lambs
  • fish
  • all animals (vegetarian)
  • all animals, dairy and eggs (vegan)

Before I knew it, I had ticked pigs, calves, lambs and fish. I only realised on closer inspection that ‘calves’ in fact meant ‘dairy’… which means no milk, no cheese (not even feta), and no chocolate (oh horror! not even my favourite DARK chocolate).

It’s going to be a challenging week….



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