And now it is dark in Pinelands too…

Thanks to our revolutionary power-outage-combating combination of battery-charger, deep-cycle battery, inverter and extension leads, I am still able to blog.

And to locate Eskom’s latest load-shedding schedules.

Go to:

  • Eskom’s own website, where you can type in your suburb and search for the times when you are likely to be shut down
  • an independent website, where you can also search for the times when your area will be in the dark.

Anyhow, I have confirmed what I suspected already: Pinelands will be in darkness from 18h00 to 20h30.

Two travelling friends from Germany (who will no doubt be ravenous after a day of tourist activities) are supposed to arrive for supper. The tricky part now will be to figure out how to heat up the pre-prepared supper dishes my hubby is (as we speak) thoughtfully buying at the Woolworths food store so that I won’t have to slave away in the kitchen over a hot stove, stirring long strings of pasta in a pot.

Perhaps it is time to connect the little two-plate gas-cooker that has been languishing in our garage cupboard since 2006?

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